Remove MyPcBackup.exe virus. How to uninstall

MyPcBackup virus is a deceptive application that creates headaches for computer users. Once your system has been installed MyPcBackup.exe, it will act strange. This bug can be downloaded from its page but usually it gets installed without user consent and permission by Trojans from Internet. The virus will keep showing a pop-up reminder on your screen again and again which says “Your Computer is not backed up, Backup your files online today”. If you do not uninstall MyPcBackup.exe malware, it will keep popping up on your screen. And if unluckily you try to do a BackUp through this software, it will steal your private data and may demand you to pay a registration fee too. To prevent such troubles, you are advised to uninstall MyPcBackup virus from your computer immediately.

Symptoms and risks of being infected by MyPcBackup

  • Mainly it enters into your computer without your knowledge
  • It corrupts registry, blocks certain softwares and utilities
  • Scans your computer without your request and always claims it has found viruses
  • Displays a lot of warnings and alerts popping up on the screen
  • Provokes you to buy its full version or activation code (which dose not work)
  • Collects Personal user information which may include sensitive financial data such as logins, usernames, accounts
  • It may bring further infections are direct the user to infectious sites
  • Makes the computer run slow, uses a big part of system resources

Remove fake “MyPcBackup” manually:
Please note: Manual removal may cause damages to your system if you do any mistake. Use this method only if you understand what you are about to do.

Stop malicious process:
Open Task Manager and delete;

Remove MyPcBackup registry settings:
Open REGEDIT and find malicious keys and values.

Delete MyPcBackup files and folders:
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\

System restore:
Have you tried methods above but still malware not removed? Then try Restoring your computer to an earlier state.
Click Start menu > All Programs > System Tools > System Restore
Start menu > Backup and Recover > Recover System

MyPcBackup virus removal tool

Alternatively, you are advised to use the removal tool below to get rid of this malware infection.
Malware Bytes antimalware

Hitman Pro