How to remove Mobogenie virus. Uninstall malware app

The MoboGenie virus is a potentially unwanted and harmful application designed for windows phones, iphone and android devices. It offers free wallpapers, music and bunch of similar free things but in reality, the MoboGenie virus causes harms to your computer by bringing spam instead. This malware can even steal your personal information and install additional malware to your computer or smart fone. It is advised to uninstall MoboGenie virus as soon as possible to protect your devices from harms.

Symptoms and risks of being infected by MoboGenie virus

  • Mainly it enters into your computer without your knowledge
  • It corrupts registry, blocks certain softwares and utilities
  • Connects to remote server and installs unwanted and harmful viruses
  • It can display fake alerts or even advertisements popping up on the screen
  • It can open backdoors to allow unauthorized access to your machine
  • It can cause you lose of personal data and identity theft

Remove fake “MoboGenie” manually:
Please note: Manual removal may cause damages to your system if you do any mistake. Use this method only if you understand what you are about to do.

Stop malicious process:
Open Task Manager and delete;

Remove MoboGenie registry settings:
Open REGEDIT and find malicious keys and values.

Delete MoboGenie files and folders:
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\

System restore:
Have you tried methods above but still malware not removed? Then try Restoring your computer to an earlier state.
Click Start menu > All Programs > System Tools > System Restore
Start menu > Backup and Recover > Recover System

MoboGenie virus removal tool

Alternatively, you are advised to use the removal tool below to get rid of this malware infection.
Malware Bytes antimalware

Hitman Pro